Job Interview Tips

"Working together, we understand that your needs are unique in your job search. That's why we pride ourselves on giving you as much information as possible prior to your interview." 
- Angus Chisholm, Director, C&M Executive Recruitment

Knowledge is power

At C&M Executive Recruitment we go above and beyond to ensure that you are as prepared for your interview as possible. We'll provide with you as much background information on the company and its culture as we can, along with some genuine insights into ‘classic' interview techniques. The more you know, the further you'll go.

We'll take you through the interview process

Once your CV has worked its magic and you're in line for that all-important executive travel role, it's best to sit down with us face-to-face and discuss your impending interview in depth. An experienced member of our team will guide you through the kinds of questions and challenges you might face at interview and help you prepare a strategy for success on the day. Never forget, we're here to help - if you get the role then we've done our job.

Ask yourself the right questions first

Before you attend the interview, there are some useful questions you can ask yourself:

  • How does the specific role you are applying for help the company to achieve its corporate objectives and make a profit?
  • What are the main top five duties of the role?
  • Can you list your technical or professional skills that mirror these duties and recall an incident in your career to demonstrate how you employed each of these?

By considering these questions and writing your answers down, you will be better prepared to present yourself in the most attractive light to your prospective employer.

It's important to remember that by illustrating your job skills with tangible examples and anecdotes, your interviewer will find it easier to imagine you solving their problems as a part of their team.

What's an interviewer looking for? 

Your ability to do the job is just a small part of what an interviewer is looking for when considering whether to offer you the role or not. How you will fit in with the existing team and what personal contribution you will bring to the company are equally important factors.

Company cultures may differ and therefore be better suited to different types of personality, but ostensibly every potential employer will base their interview questions, and ultimately make their decision, on the following criteria:

  • Is this person qualified and equipped to do the job?
  • Are they likely to complement or disrupt the department as it stands?
  • Will they be willing to go the extra mile?
  • Can they be managed? Will they be able to take direction and criticism, if necessary?
  • Will they follow company procedure?
  • Will they be mindful of efficiencies and economy?
  • Is the money right?

Four interview sins - what not to do when you're in the hot seat

  • Fail to listen to the question you are being asked
  • Answer a question that wasn't asked instead
  • Talk too much - keep your answers brief, concise and to the point
  • Arrive unprepared, not having done your homework about the company or the role you are interviewing for

Which qualities should you aim to demonstrate? 

It might seem an obvious list, but it is worth reminding yourself all the same: drive, motivation, communication skills, team chemistry, confidence without arrogance, reliability, honesty and integrity, dedication, analytical skills, goal orientation, efficiency.

We're here to help

If you'd like to talk to one of the C&M Executive Recruitment team in person about interview techniques, or any other aspects of job preparation, please contact us now. Our service is totally free and highly confidential - we're always here to help.


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